Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Tea Party and the Tee Party

At recent rallies, some Tea Party members were seen draped in American flags that they may be desecrating, clutching copies of the Constitution, and angrily decrying the direction our country is going. According to a CBS News - New York Times poll released on April 15, 54% say they are Republicans, 41% consider themselves to be independents, and 4% are Democrats. A whopping 89% are white and 58% keep a gun in their home. Surprisingly, many think Sarah Palin is not qualified to be president and without that job she would then have to suffer the indignity of scooping up millions for her speeches, book deals, and being a commentator compatriot with Rush and Glen. She might also get a gig imitating Tina Fey at Tupperware parties.

Tee Party members, who are also primarily white and Republican, are more genteel and more demure. They only want to watch Tiger Woods smash a golf ball, sign autographs, and softly and occasionally utter non-printable language. However, his angry voice was captured live on television during the Masters Golf Tournament and the CBS television golf anchor Jim Nantz noted, ”If I said what he said on the air, I would be fired.” Tiger who wanted to show a more tranquil, reformed post-soap opera self as an adherent to the gentleness of Buddhism, merely recaptured his old image. During the tournament a plane flew overhead dragging a banner that read “TIGER: DID YOU MEAN BOOTYISM?”

What the two T-parties also have in common is that they are the epitome of what all media seek to visually attract audiences away from their hand-held electronic competition. Stay tuned; there are the primaries and the PGA Tournament coming up.

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