Friday, March 15, 2019


Having a Brawl
Over the Wall
Donald cries foul whenever anyone opposes granting him the needed funding to help him finish his Cam Pain Promised Wall. The list of those “anyone’s” keeps growing, as most rationale and intelligent individuals, on either side of the aisle (or the fence), realize that his doomed request will end up as an abject failure.


A Change Is Afoot
He is taking the wrong approach and is thinking too big. Those Central Americans — mainly young mothers­ — are attempting to escape from their own lands that are saturated with poverty, violence, hopelessness, gangs, and an inevitably horrid future for their young children.

Between he and his inept advisors playing games at Mar-A-Lago, Donald hasn’t given much thought to scale down the height, density or weight of his irrationally promised wall. If he looked at his own facts, he would discover that the mothers bringing their children are relatively short, matching the shortness of Donald’s thinking.

While the average height of American women is 5’4”, the average for Guatemalan women is 4’10”, 4’11 ½” for Peruvian women, 5’0” for Honduran women, 5’1/2” for Nicaraguan women, and 5’2 1/2 “ for Mexican women.

Cut the Height
Shave the Price

The March of Nines
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, best noted for issuing Executive Order 9066 on February 19, 1942, which enabled the forced incarceration of 120,000 Japanese Americans living in the West, to be resettled in ten barren camps. This was ostensibly done to insure that they would do no harm to our country, and not aid their “brothers and sisters” from Japan in destroying American cities, towns, farms, and soon-to-be-built casinos.

Sadly, two-thirds of these Japanese-Americans sent to camp, were already American citizens, and during the entire episode until the war officially ended in 1945, there were no instances to disloyalty, except by the U.S. Government.

What’s $5.6 Billion
Among Loyal Friends?
If Trump were smart, he could easily raise the needed wall monies, and not have to do so by declaring a “national emergency.” The only foreseeable national emergency is the continuation of Donald as our leader through a second term, or even as President for the rest of his current term.

In the 2016 Presidential election, Donald amassed 62,980,160 popular votes, which gave him 304 Electoral College votes; Hillary received 65,845,063 popular votes, and 227 Electoral Votes.
Original Signs Along the Road

If Donald still has such a loyal base that he has been catering to with great sound and fury,

and needs $5.6 billion for the wall, he should be easily able to raise that in contributions directly from the feckless base that elected him. Just send out a solicitation letter to those       nearly 62 million Trump voters and ask each to send nine dimes to the White House, and then there’s enough money to pay for the $5.6 billion entity. 

Today, for only $225, a Burma Shave aficionado can purchase one hand-painted, wooden sign that’s 17” x 40” x 6” tall. For less than $5.6 billion, the USA could ward off the not-too-tall invaders from the south with Burma Shave signs.

Once these signs are strategically planted, the combined total of 337,806 GOP voters in Wyoming and Alaska, should feel reassured that no Guatemalan infiltrators will invade their hamlets and do dastardly deeds, especially to their livestock during breeding seasons.

If you are even the least bit stressed about what's occurring in the world today, or any day, take a little time and try these easy THE OY WAY exercises, and relax:

To devour other recent blogs, click on the Blog Archive links on the upper left corner of this page, especially February 2019. Have been inundated by calls from people with Indian accents, and not from the Pine Ridge Reservation or from any Navahos.

Today I received a call from myself from "Matt" with an Asian Indian accent, and I asked him if his real name was Rajul, Kumar, Vaani, or Fazar. He insisted that it was "Matt," and he asked me if I was Indian. I said yes, but from the Chippewa Tribe in Michigan, and my name was Alcindor, which meant "Not As Tall as Jabbar."

Beware of Indians with accents; just hang up before they try and scam you.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019


Big Brother IS Watching You
If you think that you can sit in front of your computer with the door closed and just enjoy the privacy of the moment, think again.

BEWAREnaïve one; you may be being watched at this very moment. It may not be by Google, or Facebook, or your friendly, local politician, or an unfriendly national entity.

There is no privacy anymore, nothing personal that you can hide, and as a journalist, I recently found that out for sure.

Pick A Subject
As a journalist, I have no limitations about the subjects that I want to write about. A quick perusal of my writings in magazines, newspapers, blogs and books indicates that I have written about a myriad of subjects including the Holocaust, education. advertising, corporations, press freedom, travel around the world (Australia, New Zealand, England, Lithuania, Canada, France, Israel, Hungary, Poland and more locales), profiles, music, race cars, bicycles, celebrities, common people, table tennis, Holocaust denial, basketball, pro athletes, inequities in life, family searches, Japanese internment, massage, Tai Ji, relaxation techniques, reunions, life, death, and too many other subjects in between to list here.

Author Beware
Unfortunately, whenever and whatever you search for, some unprincipled  person may be keeping an eye on your searches, for devious and self-aggrandizing purposes. I have recently been researching the subject of massages, both safe and standard ones, and ones that offer a “happy ending.”

For those of you who live in what you consider safe and secure suburbia, the latter quote indicates rubs that rub you the right way to perhaps give you a satisfied smile when the actual massage is over. During my research, I may have watched a few-too-many interesting, albeit salacious, massage videos.

The Price You Pay
If you go into unchartered waters with your search, you may be the subject of an unwanted search by an unscrupulous computer maven, who decides to squeeze penance out of you, by threatening to expose your “discretions” to all on your email lists. But that person could offer you an alternative, for example, I just received a spam email from such a person, who told me directly that he (or she) would refrain from exposing my legitimate searches of a non-mainstream topic, but only after I send $718 to this person’s BITCOIN WALLET within forty-eight hours.

There’s a friendly closing stating, “I hope you will be prudent. Bye.”

The Price You Don’t Pay
I have discussed the entire conundrum with my dear wife, and we have agreed that I should just publish this piece.

If need be, I can explain what happened to any of the recipients of this attempt to blackmail me, who ask, “What is this nonsense all about? 

For the Moment
will publish this piece, possibly under an alias, get on to my next writings on Trump and his Bawl Wall, and the young, naïve women who are now media stars, and are scrambling to discover what to do next.

But always remember, there’s the possibility that no matter how hard you try to avoid those unwanted eyes…….     

If you are even the least bit stressed about what's occurring in the world today, or any day, take a little time and try these easy THE OY WAY exercises. and relax:   

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