Wednesday, April 11, 2018


We are at a precarious time in history, with no one firmly ensconced at the top of the world power ladder, but with several individuals trying to flex their muscles.

Perhaps if we look at the Bible’s Book of Judges, we can see how Delilah deceived Samson, and had him finally reveal that his strength lay in his hair. She, in turn, let the Philistines know of his weakness, they shaved his locks, and he lost his strength.

If those on the ladder could have their lock shaven, perhaps they would each become more docile and less inclined to hold the ultimate of the power they now seek.

It sure would help make the world a better place.

Who are these hirsute hombres, each with their own inimitable coiffures, and if they were shorn, would they each be a better person?

Donald J. Trump

Bob Dylan and/or Peter, Paul and Mary, both expressed that “the answer is blowing in the wind.”  When that song was released in 1963, Donald and his hair was worlds away from that reality, and he is still quite consistent, being away from any reality today.

Vladimir Putin
Here is another leader searching for his place in history. “Putin on the Ritz” was written by Irving Berlin and first published in 1929.  Vlad is power hungry, looking for a way to recreate a dominant USSR, but that time is long gone. Watch Vlad here, as he rides to conquer the world:

Kim Jong-un

He currently serves as Supreme Leader of North Korea, and anyone who conflicts with him and his policies, may be dispatched relatively quickly. This 5’7” giant is quite inconsistent, except for his hair. He was born on January 8, 1982, or 1983, or 1984.

Sheldon Adelson

Sheldon is an American businessman involved with the Las Vegas gambling scene, and has a fortune of US40 billion. Much of that money goes to deciding which way to comb his hair. He is a devout Zionist and a right-leaning GOP, who donated heavily to Trump’ 2016 campaign.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Bibi, like many of these power players, is firm in his resolve to cover any frontal bald spots by combing his hair from left to right. It’s a very apropos gesture for Israel’s right-leaning Likud Party leader. He admires Trump and Trump’s hairdresser, and looks forward to a two-state solution — one state for Likud members, and another for settlers.


Sunday, April 8, 2018



Many have been receiving an unending collection of campaign muck and mire, emanating from those seeking to either support or get rid of Donald Joseph Trump and his semi-savvy savants.

Elected Republicans are wary of saying anything against Donald J’s twiddling tweets, fearing that he could reverse his course in a moment, and then attack the source of any anti-Trump message.

His political appointees, whether a member of his rotating cabinet or serving as a messenger, know that their position depends on his mood on any given early morning foray into his vacillating tweet land.

The Democrats, Progressives, and out-of office functionaries who are eager to replace those closely aligned with the Mar-A-Lago runaways, are also wary of what they say. If they attack too much, the response could bite them at the ballot box, when their vindictive opposition starts grinding out their own convoluted, anti-truth messages.

In 2016, Democratic strategists sent out the wrong messages to the wrong people, merely solidifying those who truly wanted to believe in something. It took them a while to discover that along with California and New York, there were needed electoral votes and voters in Michigan, Wisconsin, Kansas, Iowa, Texas and Arizona.

The four-page letter I received a few days ago from Bernie, spelled out all of the problems the country now faces. While much of the blame is laid upon Donald, blame also has to be given to those progressives who helped him to be elected through their political naivety and weak actions in the 2016 campaign. That includes Debbie, Donna, Hillary, and the DNC.

Democrats are going after the dollars of middle-class whites, and the votes of the unappreciated minorities of color and those with an English-language deficiency. Let’s hope that they have a more organized plan then the last one, trying to connect with citizens who will vote on November 6, 2018, and beyond.

There are young people who seem to be attempting to change the direction of our country. Along with Blacks and Latinos and Latinas, the Democrats had better pay attention to the neglected minority of middle-class, non-progressive whites, like the police officer in this photo. The Reverend Sharpton, not withstanding his ability to be on the scene everywhere at the same time, may not be able to deliver the votes needed in 2018 to change the course of the country’s ship of state.