Friday, August 12, 2011

An Ode to Ineptitude

Think about the party, tea,

It now controls the GOpee.

When the tea party makes a wish,

Scared Republicans start to pish.

This stifles success, makes chances wetter,

But Obama now, is not that much better.

His lack of action is quite banal.

Smooth in talking, actions anal.

Problem with all of this inaction,

Our country has lost, all its traction.

We are about to run, dry as can be,

Does it really matter to you and me?

Wish this were the election year,

Both parties would live in fear.

But if we vote to throw them all out,

Those voted in will still cast doubt.

About their ability to lead a nation,

Both ins and outs are a sad rotation.

The solution is, without hesitating,

Move to a land with a AAA rating.

Oh Canada! We Stand On Guard for Thee

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