Friday, May 21, 2010

Whom Do You Trust?

Yesterday after finishing lunch in the King Louie Restaurant on NW Stark Street in Portland, Oregon’s Chinatown, I picked up two fortune cookies to see what the future held.

You might be dubious about the predictive power of a fortune cookie but I am not. The first fortune cookie I ever opened was in San Francisco’s Chinatown after I arrived in California in March of 1960. It told me in simple language what I was meant to do during my lifetime as it read, “You are creative and like to write.”

The two I opened at King Louie’s had me a bit confused for the first one read, “Your choices at the moment will be good ones. Trust yourself.” The second seemed to be contradictory as it read, “Trust others, but still keep your eyes open.”

There was no reference to the word “trust” in relation to those currently in any political office, to those running in the upcoming primaries, nor to anyone connected with a financial institution. However, I will keep my eyes open regarding those aforementioned entities. 

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